IPets' Facebook Promotion Shock Collars, E-Collars and Dog Training Collars on Sale


Hello Readers,

Before going into detail on the promotion, I’d like to take a moment to introduce IPets, as I’m sure many of you are unaware of our existence until now.

IPets is a manufacturer and supplier of pet training devices. We’re constantly engaged in research and development, manufacturing and distributing pet products. Recently, IPets is striving to provide a complete product line of dog training systems from first time owners to professional dog trainers. To provide some credibility to our brand, numerous products of ours reside on Amazon’s top sellers list for various product categories. Feel free to browse our entire store product catalogue on our website: http://www.ipets-mall.com/collections/all or on Amazon: www.amazon.com/shops/ipets

Hopefully you have a better understanding on our organization. Now, back to the reason we’re reaching out to your community. IPets wants to establish our brand in social media by connecting with active dog communities who would have interest in our products. Without the feedback of users who truly care about their dogs and the training systems you train with, we wouldn’t exist to produce or continuously innovate these types of devices. 

How the promotion works:

Starting on June 22nd, we’ll be posting an unique coupon code for one of our products on our Facebook wall, ending in 30 days from the start period. The unique coupon code for each product will give you 20% off. There will be no order in which coupon codes are distributed on our wall but every product will have a coupon code generated. Each code will last two days, and then the code will expire and no longer be of use. Coupon codes can be redeemed through our Facebook Store, Website or on Amazon.

To keep updated with the discounts, please like our Facebook page.

What you need to do:

  1. View our products and see which ones pique your interest.
  2. "Like" our Facebook page, so you’re notified when the coupon code is released for discount on the product you’re interested in.
  3. Redeem the coupon code and make your purchase!

We hope that you will tell your friends and spread the word so that we hear your comments, which will help us continually improve our products.  Valuable feedback helps us innovate technologies that will accelerate your training and increase your enjoyment with man's best friend.

To any content creators out there or trainers with a following, feel free to connect with us as well! We want to be a hub for everything e-collar related, and plan to stay well connected with our customers. We’d love to share to your content on our Facebook page as well.

If you have any questions on the products or on the promotion, feel free to ask below.



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